About Bayti

The Bayti Center for Orphan Care is one of Maram’s various non-profit projects, and seeks to care and provide for orphans between 2 and 12. All children at the center are orphans according to the local definition inside Syria, meaning their father is deceased. Under what Maram calls its “Leadership Program,” Bayti’s comprehensive care includes services in education, nutrition, basic health care, clothing, shelter, and protection, and each child is given the individual attention that Maram believes all children deserve. The Center’s goal is to do more than deliver what the children need to grow, but to help prepare an active generation that is able to tackle the issues of tomorrow.

Our Projects

Projects performed by children in Bayti center

My Abundance Garden

planting the garden with flowers and shrubs


drawing components of human blood
in artistic style

Little photographer

filming with Cut Academy

Graffiti drawing

Public safety project

Design, Photography

Be well for us

Design, Photography

educational symposium

Design, Photography

Reading will live

Design, Photography

Distance education

Design, Photography

Our Services


In addition to paying for its children’s education, the center provides an after school program that teaches courses in math, science, and languages (English, Turkish, and Arabic).


A nurse is employed at the center full-time, responsible for administering basic healthcare services, and instructing the children on proper health behaviors. If children are in need of special or intensive care, they are immediately provided with transportation to the proper health facility.


In accordance with its nutrition program, Bayti provides the children with three healthy meals and a snack per day. The meal plan is designed by a nutritionist/nurse in advance, and the children routinely evaluate the meals on a daily basis as part of Maram’s ongoing participatory approach to improving Bayti’s services.


The center procures and provides full, appropriate, and seasonal clothing for the children, as well as special clothing for various occasions and holidays.


Bayti offers its children a comprehensive set of shelter services, including separate bedrooms and bathrooms for girls and boys, and a communal area for play. The center also has electricity, running and hot water, and even wifi. In case of emergency, the center is surrounded by a wall, and is equipped with two emergency exits on each floor


The entire staff is trained in child protection and PSS, providing round-the-clock care to all of Bayti’s children. If kids are in need of extra or intensive care/counseling, the center outsources these services to PSS specialists working in the community of Reyhanli, Turkey.


Happy children


medical conditions treated


Top Students


psychological conditions treated

Touring the Building


  • Guarded room beside the main gate
  • Bayti center Warehouse
  • Playing area
  • small sandy garden
  • My Abundance Garden
  • Dream wall
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First floor

  • Administrative offices
  • Five classrooms
  • Activity Hall
  • kitchen
  • cafeteria
  • laundry room
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Second floor

  • private bedrooms for males and females
  • library
  • private facilities for male and female services
  • 5 Products
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